Friday, August 21, 2009

Second try for the composition exercise

Today I gave the composition exercise by John K. another try, focusing more on the hierarchie and less on the flow of the single lines.

At first I tried to figure out what are the major forms in the picture and how do they work together? The lines and arrows illustrate what are the major forms and how they lead the eye.

After that I subdivided the forms, still focusing on the flow of the forms and how they work together. Note how all the big masses auf tree are hanging down from the center of the tree.

Finaly adding the details, which still follow the big forms. Even the single leafs are supporting the flow of the whole foliage.

Tom & Jerry study

Today I did a study of an old Tom&Jerry Magazin Cover. This time I documented my single steps, so that my working process and the construction can be better seen.

Even though I messed up the proportions in some places I could really notice how a proper construction could help an image to work.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 Killers

Tried to continue my daily Illustration, using what I’ve learned from the Bugs’ Studies. Noticed how hard it is to apply all these things to your own drawings. There are still so many mistakes in them.

Bugs Bunny studys

I did three studys of stills from old bugs bunny cartoons today. I wouldn’t dare to say, that they were good in any way, but I think I’m getting somewhere and I also starting to see and feel the importance of good construction.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My first study

This is my first real study of a classic Cartoon. The original drawing was by Milt Kahl. This is the first time I really noticed how hard it is to get the construction right.

I’m sorry, got no scanner right now, need to take photos of the drawings.

Two fails today

Today was the day I noticed, that I really need to do something about my drawing skills.

Fail №1
John K. gave the task to try to draw this image. So I did what I always did, opened Photoshop, did a loose scribble and than did a clean line drawing of it. And I messed up about anything one could mess up, completly ignoring the hierarchy, the flow of the forms and all the things John is always talking about. Instead I concentrated on getting the flow of the outlines nice.

Fail №2
After this I did my daily illustration for today and went completely in the wrong direction, getting really anything one could possibly mess up wrong.

I think I finally know that I need to do something about my drawing skills. Tomorrow I will start studying the “old masters” as suggested by John.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some drawings from this week

My first idea was to do one Illustration per day this week. After a few days, I noticed, that just to draw wasn’t enough. I had to focus on the things I wanted to learn and needed to improve. Anyway here are some of my pictures from this week:

A Contrapposto

A snoobish lion

an ugly orc

a beautiful orc:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let’s get started

I’ve been drawing for years, but always was quite unhappy with my drawings. For years I thought this was due to a lack of realism and knowledge of anatomy. So I studied the anatome, light and all this stuff and was still unhappy. In the last weeks I’ve read a lot of the writings of the wonderful John K. So I decided that it was time to really learn to draw. To learn to use construction and hierarchy to improve my drawings.

Here is a little process of what I’ve done so far:

This is how I usually have drawn. Trying to hide all the little mistakes with small details and shading, so nobody notices, that the drawing itself is lousy.

Here is what happens if I skip the shading and use less detail. The weaknesses of the drawing become even more apparently.

If you would like to see some more of my stuff (I also worked a lot digital with Photoshop), then check out my Website:

That’s my level so far. Now let’s see what practice can do.