Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Tex Avery

I think a beginn to really see the mistakes in my studys. I slowly begin to recognize if forms flow wrong, in the wrong direction or when I toned down contrasts. But no matter how hard I try, the drawing always looks somehow awkward.

I can try to concentrate more on proportion or less. Give even more attention to the negative spaces. Do the construction more attentive. Be more carful with everything. Or less. But no matter what how hard I try, there’s alway a lot of stuff that bugs me. At least it is the drawing itself, that feels somehow unnatural and cramped. But I have the feeling that I can be either relaxed to get more flow in the lines or be more accurate. Maybe I should try to do the construction with a separate, colored pencil to separate it more from the final drawing. So I can construct more attentive but without cramping on the final lines.

Has anybody some more advice what I can do to improve? Or are there even more mistakes, I haven’t noticed myself?

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